Dr David Jaa


Dr. David Jaa is the director of Dr Jaa’s Medical Health at Robina, Gold Coast, Australia. The health centre offers comprehensive medical care in a multi-disciplinary, holistic environment.Dr David Jaa studied medicine at the University of Queensland and graduated in 1987. He has since furthered his study in the field of nutritional and environmental medicine, and has obtained a fellowship from the College of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine. From the year 2000 Dr David Jaa has studied a post graduate course in Physical Medicine (musculoskeletal) at Sydney University and has obtained a Masters degree in 2001. He became a Fellow of the Australian College of Physical Medicine the following year. He is also a member of the Australian Medical Acupuncture Society and a member of the College of General Practitioners.Dr David Jaa specialises in the treatment of acute and chronic back pain, migraine, whiplash and all types of muscle and skeletal problems. He also has expertise in areas of treating many chronic conditions such as chronic fatigue, hormonal imbalance and depression due to nutritional deficiencies. His strong belief is that it is equally important to optimise one’s health as well as treat one’s sickness.Dr David Jaa was born and raised in Queensland primarily on the Gold Coast. He has been in practice on the Gold Coast since 1989. He is married and has three children. In his spare time, Dr David Jaa enjoys gardening, dog training, spending time with his family and snow skiing.
  • B.MedSc (University of Queensland) 1985
  • Bachelor of Medical Science
  • MBBS (University of Queensland) 1987
  • Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery
  • FACNEM 1996
  • Fellow of the Australian College of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine
  • GDPM (Sydney University) 2000
  • Graduate Diploma of Physical Medicine musculoskeletal
    MPM (Sydney University) 2001
  • Masters of Physical Medicine
    musculoskeletal FACPM (Sydney University) 2002
  • Fellow of the Australian College of Physical Medicine
    musculoskeletalMember of the Australian Medical Acupuncture Society
  • Pfeiffer and Mindd conversant in mental health
  • Clinical Researcher with Bioscreen Australia & University of Victoria
  • Previous senior lecturer at Griffith University for musculoskeletal and complimentary medicine

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