Patient Musculoskeletal Treatment Consent Form

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Dear Patient

Musculoskeletal medicine is highly specialised discipline of medicine, covering a wide range of skills and techniques.  These techniques at times will involve you to have:

  • Needles (acupuncture and hypodermic) inserted into your body.
  • The substances injected can be autologously derived, vitamin and mineral and oxygen based.
  • Specific body positions and postures with detailed examination.
  • Undressed down to underwear.
  • Performed prescription exercises twice daily for 4 to 5 repetitions.
  • To join a group of 2 to 3 people in 1 class.

At times there may be a need for close physical contact between yourself and the Doctor.

Musculoskeletal Medicine has relatively few complications in skilled hands though there is a chance of feeling sore or worse for up to 2-3 days.  This is normal.  It is extremely rare for a fracture or a collapsed lung (pneumothorax) to develop due to the medical therapy.  It is also rare for any type of infection or neurological complication to develop from the procedure.

If you have any hesitation about the above information, please discuss with us your concerns.

Cervical Manipulations are rarely carried out in this practice.  If this is necessary it will be further discussed with you and a special test will be carried out to see if this is possible to perform on you.

Information obtained at the clinic can and may be used de-identified for research and publication.

Please read the above and submit below that you have read and understand this information.

Patient Consent

Employees of Dr Jaa's Medical Health and RPPR are independent health contractors.  Therapy not endorsed by Dr Jaa or Dr Jaa's Medical Health as way of written referral is considered the legal responsibility of the independent contractor.